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Ask questions and find answers about issues in Vietnam.

New moderator: Ngan
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Posted 11:54 PM 14 December 2010

Hello everyone, this is a quick announcement that the Vietnam forum board has a new moderator:


She will be fending off evil villians and spammers from this board, moving topics that don't belong here, attempting to answer your questions about Vietnam, and starting some interesting topics when she has time.

Say "chao ban" to her when you have a minute. Thanks Ngan!!

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Posted 06:32 AM 15 December 2010
congrats Ngan... :))
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Posted 04:39 PM 15 December 2010
Hiii everyong and thanks JJ & Dianne :) I'll do my best to contribute for Vietnam forum board ;)
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Posted 08:33 PM 15 December 2010
Congrats Ngan, hope you enjoy and have fun.
See you around =))

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