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Disabled chat feature temporarily
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Posted 02:57 PM 20 July 2010

Hello, this is a short announcement that we are temporarily disabling the chat feature.

Our server is beginning to get a lot of traffic, and the chat feature is slowing down our website!

We are considering making chat available for only "Donor" members...??

What does everyone think? Thank you!


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Posted 08:42 PM 20 July 2010
Oh! that's why there is no chat.. Will i for me it's a good idea that the donor members can only have chat but what about us or we that can't afford to be a donor?? hmmm.. it's kinda unjust..:( Only the chat can makes us communicate from each other. I hope you could find some other way.:D
Posted 11:57 AM 22 July 2010
I agree with Jayee
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Posted 12:40 AM 23 July 2010
How can be a "Donor" member?
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Posted 01:59 AM 23 July 2010
@My, we are still upgrading our system - we will announce as soon as possible when the new system is ready.

Sorry for the delay! Thanks!
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Posted 08:32 PM 24 July 2010
It's kinda unfair that only Donors who are able to use chat feature. Well, i know it's your right to do so, but please consider us who can't afford to be a Donor. Also, the chat feature on the tab between "Forum" and "Gorups" seems to be unuseful. I mean, i always find no one is chatting in the chatroom. Maybe it's because more people like to do a private chat by using the chat feature (on the chat bar) better than the chatroom. Well, it's all yours to decide. I just give my opinion. :)
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Posted 10:57 AM 30 July 2010
I'm sad that the chat feature is disabled. I cant make friends only by adding friends. I need 2 chat with them. I really hope that i can chat with my friends. I dont like joining the chat room cos there are usually less than 5 people whenever i get in.
Posted 11:08 PM 22 August 2010
juju is waste without chat jj ,,plz upgrade it soon
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Posted 12:23 AM 23 August 2010

Hey guys VIP account is already here and available for free (with a few conditions):