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Posted: 28 March 2011 - 4 comment(s)[ Comment ]
Category: General

Time keep passing , I can't really notice this. I left college 2 months already. I enjoyed Lunar new year vacation( Tet holiday ) for 2 weeks  and it was amazing. I almost went out with old friends every day .We had great schedule. I'm happy about it. The most wonderful thing is coming back my hometown. It's far away Ha Noi 120km and in moutainous area. In my village there are still a lot of traditional house.My friends saw the photos and said they must definitely visit there in summer vacation.I love the atmosphere in my home town. It's peaceful and the air is fresh and comfortable. The people is very friendly of course . Everything make me love this Lunar new year so much.


Even in the city you also can enjoy a traditional Tet holiday in Vietnam museum of Ethnology. :x There are foods, festivals, games, etc and certainly attract you .. i thought i didnt want to leave that place..lol


Talking about my intership, I was not only busy with teaching but also managing a class. The middle school where I had intership had a lot of activities so I was super busy T.T

But it's unforgetable time.When I see the innocent face of my students, their smile , their lovely voice ..aww Miss them so much :(

I'll be back college tmr. Morning class start in 6:45am T.T So no more teacher, be student again :P Must study hard and fight with exams then graduate soon.. Fighting !

Posted: 5 November 2010 - 3 comment(s)[ Comment ]
Category: General

    I joined JuJu since 24 Sep and unbelievable it was over 1 month :) Actually I saw JuJu logo on my fb and I was wonder what is it..after few times..I decided to take a look . After reading JuJu introduction, I felt really interested in this website and created an account. Because I love to make friends all over the world, widen my knowledge about new countries, culture and people,especially to improve my English.

   As I see JuJu is a  good community and I really enjoy it. I'd like to posting videos and photos ...so I can introduce foreigne friends about my country. Unlike like things they saw on documentary movie or through history with a word like ''War''. Nowadays Viet nam is a developing country and also an ideal destination. Unfortunately, our tourism service doesn't professional and there are a lot of things foreign tourist would be confused.I'm studying Business and Tourism actually so I would able to help u guys a lot for information and tips  if someone have a plan visiting here. I helped a few foreign friends and we had unforgetable memories. Besides as a non medical volunteer for Operation Smile Viet Nam , I met many foreigne doctors and helped them during their time here too.I just want to say that It would be my pleasure to help visitors because I love my country and meeting new friends.Though I'm studying Tourism , I prefer to be a teacher of English ( I'm also studying English Pedogogy Certificate) ..I love kids My time is seriously limited as now I am 3rd year college student , have part time job , often join events and activities sometimes. However, I would try to arrange my time to meet new friends Internet isn't Fancy at all ...It depends on how we use it and it's a great way of communication

   I have just become Verified Member of JuJu ...I hope that in future will have more and more Verified Member and JuJu Community will become a big community, creating more friendship without border.

    PS : I don't give out email address, fb , etc since I had conversation with you and know you for a certain time :) Feel free to contact me on JuJu Send me a message ^^ I will reply as soon as possible

     Have a great day !


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